Going the Extra Mile
Penny & Geoff Rawlings

Driving The World in their 1934 Talbot


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I thought I'd sorted out all the links and buttons but it seems that I am such a tight-fisted skinflint that the programme I use to create and update this web site is so archaic that it uses a little thing called shockwave that is all but obsolete. If you can see a string of boxes above this text, you will need to visit this: https://get.adobe.com/shockwave/ to download the very small programme that's needed. It will probably also have to be added manually to your browser in the set-up section.

This site was created to let friends and family follow our progress on the 2007 PEKING TO PARIS MOTOR CHALLENGE. We then decided to enlarge it to include our other adventures in our wonderful old TALBOT motor car.

Click on any of the buttons above to read about any of our rallies in chronological order from the PEKING TO PARIS in 2007 at the top left to the
most recent and planned ones at the bottom right.

There have been lots of other local events around Ireland but they can't really be described as "adventures".

This year, 2018 we haven't been able to raise enough interest in any particular event, anywhere in the world. It also seems that this is the case for several of our friends in the small, strange world of Historic Endurance Rallying.

Back at the beginning of the year we thought we'd just take ourselves off and tour a bit more in Scotland or perhaps the wondeful lake district of Cumbria (formerly Cumberland), the birthplace of my mother. We've only ever really touched this area in passing and we both felt it would be good to just 'follow our noses'. A quick trip to the Isle of Man was also discussed. Unfortunately, our dear old Talbot's health care scheme took a lot longer than expected. If you remember, we broke the crankshaft in the very Southern bit of Italy and the rebuild of the engine has taken a lot longer than expected and she is only due to come home about now, at the end of July 2018 as I write this.

As I said, a few of our friends didn't particularly fancy anything either so José and Maria Romao de Sousa from Portugal decided to do something about it and have engaged a specialist firm to organise a private tour for a small band of selected friend. Guess what, we are very flattered and honoured to be invited along. In the next couple of days there will be a new button after Venice - Monaco called Vintage Portugal that will begin with some more information about what is going on. We first met José and Maria when we were shipping the Talbot to China in 2007 and have met up with them on other rallies since then.

Next year we have a couple of big ones. First off we are shipping the car to New Zealand for an event in February. We've never been there before and are really excited about it. Then in the middle of the summer, we're going on another special trip South of the equator to "The Land That Time Forgot".

We hope you enjoy reading our ramblings and if you have any comments or questions, please don't hesitate to drop us an email.








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